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By Manokriti Bedi,TNN | Apr 26, 2014, 10.55 AM IST

LUDHIANA: The scorching heat is always cursed by all, including your pets! And it is surely that time of the year when the air is infested with a variety of bacterial and viral diseases which can bring your canines’ active nature down. According to city veterinarians, conjunctivitis problems aggravate more during April and May. City veterans feel that people are unaware of this problem and cannot recognize them.

Anil Kashyap, a veterinarian from Chaura Bazaar, claims that conjunctivitis can occur in any season but the risk is higher in this period. He shared, “The cases increase five times more at this period of time. The pooches suffering from the problem of conjunctivitis, visit him every day and the number is sure to go up further as the people are unaware of the fact that this period is well known for allergies, especially of eyes, in dogs.”

He added, “I have received around 15 cases till now. The most important thing is that conjunctivitis is usually recognized by redness and causes inflammation.”

Dr Kuldeep Singh, a veterinarian from Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, said, “It is important to be aware of the symptoms and treat as soon as possible, because bacterial conjunctivitis is more complex and can result in serious vision or eyeball damage.”

He added, “Most of the cases I have seen this month is of pug as they are more prone to conjunctivitis. I have received six-seven cases in a week. Breeds that tend to have allergies or autoimmune skin diseases tend to have more problems with inflammation of the conjunctiva. They are also more likely to have dry eyes a?? the symptom of a disease in which the animal is allergic to substances in the environment, such as pollen, that would not normally cause health

problems.” Ruchi Singh, a veterinarian from Sarabha Nagar, shared, “Eye redness, tearing, and constant itching at the site of eyelids are the first signs. The situation aggravates in case the dog scratches his eyes.”

There is no single preventive method that works on every situation. To help your dog reduce the risk of eye problems, check her eyes daily for any obvious signs of irritation, such as redness or tears. Most important, contact your veterinarian if you suspect your pet’s eyes seems irritated or inflamed.

German shepherd is more prone to conjunctivitis, bulldog, boxer, pug, shar-pei, shitzu, are too prone to this.

What you can do
Clean the area with cotton or gauze moistened with tea or chamomile tea helps to keep the area clean so that no more bacteria proliferate. But this does not eliminate conjunctivitis. It is also very important to clean and then dry the place, because moisture can be worse for the well being of the dog

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