* Blind dogs walk 174 miles in Highlands without leads to raise money for animal centre – Daily Record

Blind dogs walk 174 miles without leads in Highlands to raise money for animal centre

25 Oct 2013 08:05

HEARTWARMING story of how Sherlock, Frodo Baggins and Flag are living life to the full – and helping other disabled animals.

Frodo and Sherlock

THREE blind dogs are about to complete an amazing 174-mile trek through the mountains of Scotland to raise money for charity.

Courageous canines Frodo Baggins, Sherlock and Flag have already completed the West Highland Way without leads.

They are due to walk the last leg of their amazing journey through the Great Glen Way this weekend.

The three remarkable dogs are raising money for the Glendrick Roost Animal Welfare Centre near Aberfoyle.

The blind animals have been guided along the exhausting route by Glendrick Roost owner Mione Morrison.

She said: “They are remarkable animals and have often learned the hard way that disobeying a command usually results in a bumped head. I want people to realise how much a blind dog or any other disabled animal is capable of because many are discarded by their owners.”

Frodo and Sherlock

Frodo Baggins is a seven-year-old black Labrador who was born with a retinal malfunction in both eyes.

He had seven brothers and sisters but no one wanted him as a puppy until Mione heard about him when he was 11 weeks old.

Frodo’s companion Sherlock was a disabled dog living on the streets of Romania.

Sherlock lost his sight when maggots infected his eyes and faced a grim future until Glendrick Roost rescued him.

Frodo and Sherlock have been joined on parts of their marathon hike by another blind dog called Flag. The dogs have been able to navigate the difficult terrain thanks to careful training.

Mione is hoping to raise £2000 for a new animal centre.

She said: “Through the new centre, we hope to educate people about disabled animals.”

Since its establishment as a charity in 2003, Glendrick Roost have provided a home for animals including dogs, cats, gerbils, Shetland ponies, donkeys and Clydesdale horses. Mione houses some of the rescued animals in her own home.

They include seven special needs dogs, seven cats, five cockatiels, four tortoises, three turtles and two gerbils.

? YOU can donate via mobile phone. Send a text to 70070 (This is Just Text Giving) quoting GRAW38 plus the amount (so for example you want to give £2 you would text GRAW38 £2). Visit http://www.glendrickroost.org.uk/how-can-you-help/

via Blind dogs walk 174 miles in Highlands without leads to raise money for animal centre – Daily Record.

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