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Posted: Saturday, September 6, 2014 6:31 pm
By Susie Schieve | For The Herald Bulletin

Susie Schieve

Susie Schieve, executive director of the Madison County Humane Society, writes a column that appears the first Sunday of each month. She can be reached through sydneyschieve@aol.com or the Humane Society at 2219 Crystal St., Anderson.

Amazing animal stories do happen, and I can say that I feel fortunate to have witnessed many. At the Madison County Humane Society, one of our missions is to help lost dogs and cats find their way home. This week we had a huge victory.

Two weeks ago, we took into our shelter a blind older Boston terrier. For a blind dog, living in a shelter is a terrifying experience. The little dog huddled and shook in the back of her cage. We did bring her up to the office so she would not feel so alone. As she was not familiar with her surroundings she was frightened there as well.

This little lady was found in the middle of a street bumping into things, and she was covered in fleas. I generally do not take our shelter animals home as our adoption rate is great and the animals usually do not stay with us too long. I had different thoughts about this situation. I was contemplating a new member of our household when low and behold I received a call from Colleen saying that the Boston had gone home to her owner.

My reaction was, “Oh no, not back into the flea infested home!”

This is where the amazing story begins. In April, the dog was lost from her owner on the south side of Anderson. Her owner had filed a lost dog report at that time with us. This little dog was found miles away on the north side of Anderson. Where had this little blind dog been for four months? I wish she could talk.

This week, Carla, our assistant manager, was going through the lost dog file to check on a dog she had just seen on Facebook when she came across the lost dog report on the Boston filed back in April. The owner was called, and the dog was described to a tee along with photos. Little Daisy is now back in her loving home.

Lessons to be learned here. If you have lost your animal, keep checking with the shelters long after the animal goes missing. Maybe the shelter should go back several months with lost animal reports. Do come into the shelter to check for your pet. Do not rely on the shelter’s description and yours to match. Microchip your pet. Continue reading ….

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