Blind Debo needs a home….

Hello, I’m a volunteer at FACE Low Cost Animal Clinic in Indianapolis, IN. The facility primarily provides low-cost spay/neuter (75 surgeries a day), vaccinations, medical care etc…to the Indianapolis area but also has is its share of strays, abandoned and surrendered animals show up at its door or hooked on its fence or left on the grounds. In June of this year Debo was brought to the clinic by a good Samaritan who found him stumbling around downtown Indy. They walked 2 miles to seek help and refuge at FACE. We immediately realized that Debo could not see anything. After a visit with an ophthalmologist, we learned that Debo had a severe case glaucoma and that removing both eyes was necessary to relieve a massive amount of pressure…imagine a 24/7 migraine. Surgery was a success and he is healing quite well. It is clear that Debo has not had sight for quite some time, but has not yet learned how to adjust to a world that he cannot see. He is adapting quite well, as dogs do. He needs a calm environment with humans who can teach him to be confident without the use of his eyes and it’s been a real challenge with the clinic under-going a massive remodel. Oh and if you fall in love with him…King Debo, the wonder pup is looking for a wonderful foster or adopter who can help him learn to see the world without sight. Visit:

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