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By Elisa Jaffe Published: Nov 6, 2014 at 11:01 AM PST

STANWOOD, Wash. — The staff at The Noah Center in Stanwood has developed a huge soft spot for a pair of rescue dogs that are dependent on each other. Buster and Molly wound up in the animal shelter after they’d been found dumped on a farm in Thurston County.

Volunteers knew there was something different about the dogs but couldn’t pinpoint it right  away.

Staff noticed the 8-year-old beagle Molly and her side-kick cattle dog/beagle mix Buster didn’t always listen but they chalked that up to senior pet behavior. They wrote off nerves to new surroundings.

When they spotted Buster bumping into walls, they it became clear why these canine companions were so bonded.

Buster is blind and Molly is his eyes.

“Molly is a seeing eye dog, so for her brother she helps to make sure he doesn’t get into situations that could be dangerous for him,” said adoption director Lani Kurtz. Kurtz considers the dogs brother and sister because they are the same age and were found abandoned together, but she isn’t sure if they’re actually related.

The beagle uses her body to buffer her buddy from hard hits and guides him in and out of doggy doors.

The dogs have been up for adoption since August and are staff favorites. The center will not split them up.

“They have to go together. Buster needs Molly,” Kurtz said.

Their first adoption attempt failed after a few weeks. Kurtz says the dogs need a fenced yard and a doggy door or easy access to outside. The last owner didn’t have that.

The adoption fee is $200 for the two. The Noah Center offers a $50 discount on Mondays and for seniors. “We will keep them until we find that perfect place for them,” Kurtz promised.

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