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Dog’s blood glucose level before adoption: as high as 545. Dog’s blood glucose level after adoption: averaging about 120.
Prognosis for a spirited, prancing pug with diabetes: a long and active life surrounded by affection.

Chester, a 6-year-old, fawn-colored pug was in poor shape in July. His previous owners had moved out of state and surrendered him to Salem Dogs with blood sugar levels at dangerous levels. Through a series of positive interventions by four women, including one veterinarian, one shelter volunteer, and two dog lovers, Chester found a new home with someone willing to take care of his medical needs instead of euthanasia.

Today, he’s a romping and rollicking fool. No longer lethargic, he’s adjusted nicely to his new digs in northeast Salem and spends hours doing what pugs do best: sleeping and begging for food.

He’s also a whirl of energy, frolicking at every chance with his new pug siblings, Buttercup and Pugsley. The little scamp has even taught one to give chase around the dining table.

Chester is a carefree soul, and never fusses when his new owner, Sandy Wood, gives him his twice-daily insulin injections and tests his blood sugar.

“He’s so calm,” Wood said, adding that he had a bit of a dry eye problem, but his vet, Dr. Arlene Brooks, of the Homestead Veterinary Clinic’s Last Chance Club in Turner, said it’s now being managed well with medicine.

Wood gives Chester extra walks during the colder, wetter weather because he tends toward higher blood-sugar levels when winter enables him to dodge exercise. But his new forever home is a warm and welcoming place, and he’s one perky pug.

— Carol McAlice Currie

via Diabetic pug’s prognosis excellent | Statesman Journal | statesmanjournal.com.

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