* Milo has a tough day with a very painful elbow….

Saturday 11 January 2014

Milo had a bit of a tough day yesterday. All seemed well at first but just as we were getting ready to go out for a walk, he developed a severe limp in his front left leg. He was holding his paw in the air and was unwilling to put any weight on it.

Milo has arthritis in all four of his legs which can occasionally flare up, but it’s usually fairly short lived. He gets a sudden pain in one of his legs, yelps and holds his paw in the air for a bit of sympathy. I rub his leg all over, give him a hug and tell him how much I love him and, hey presto, he’s happy again and although he may still limp a bit for a while, he just gets on with the important job of being Milo the Magnificent.

Milo grabs 40 winks....

Milo grabs 40 winks….

This time, however, no amount of leg rubbing and reassuring hugs made any difference. Milo didn’t want to walk anywhere, he just lay down and waited for me to help him get whatever he needed. I had to carry him everywhere – to his water bowl, to his food bowl, to the garden for a pee…. and each time I had to carry him back to his bed.

After a few hours with no improvement I took Milo up to the vet, who confirmed that the arthritis in his left elbow seemed to have suddenly flared up. Milo is already on the maximum dose of Tramadol (a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication) both for his arthritis and for the glaucoma in his eye, so the vet decided to add another anti-inflammatory to the mix. He’s now on Loxicom Oral Suspension (Meloxicam) and it seems to be working. Today he’s still limping but he is walking around on his own now and he seems much happier. Fingers crossed that his leg is on the mend…..

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