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Published on the 12 June 2014  |  08:50

Blind Basil is seeking a new home.

Blind Basil is seeking a new home.

Basil in his Halo

Basil in his Halo

A blind corgi terrier in Quadring Eaudyke has become a super hero of the canine world after being fitted with a “halo”, which it is hoped will help him find a new owner.

Basil, who is four years old and believed to be the first dog in the UK to be fitted with the devise, has been fostered with Yvonne and Dale Webster since late January.

The couple say he has had a new spring in his step since being fitted with a Muffin’s Halo, which aids blind dogs in their everyday life.

The dog wears an adjustable harness with a padded pillow over its shoulders, which is fitted with a semi-circular lightweight tubular metal “halo”.

It juts out in front of the dog to protect it and teaches it to turn away from an object.

The halo was invented by Silvie Bordeaux from the USA, who came up with the device when her dog, Muffin, became blind and, consequently, depressed because he couldn’t live his life properly.

Silvie said: “The dog feels cuddled by the harness and protected by the halo, which makes them less anxious.

“It’s like super heroes getting their powers back!”

Now that Basil has his halo, he is ready to be adopted by someone who will be able to look after a dog who is unable to see.

Yvonne, Basil’s foster parent, said: “I used to be really worried about him because he would run around at a great speed and would often bump into things and hurt himself, so we were really grateful when we were approached with the halo.

“Since he’s been using it, he has been able to run around at an even faster pace while still being safe – he is a different character and a much happier and more confident little boy now. I think the halo is the best thing to ever be invented for blind dogs.”

Yvonne and Dale would like to adopt Basil themselves, but that would mean that they have to give up fostering dogs as part of West Yorkshire Dog Rescue.

Yvonne said: “I don’t understand why nobody wants to adopt Basil. He is a wonderful and just loves to just curl up and go to sleep with you.”

Basil would need to be adopted by someone who is able to give him the love and attention that he needs, and it would be best if he was with a family which does not have young children. He also needs a home with a spacious garden and another dog.

Yvonne said: “Basil loves other dogs and he does not have a nasty bone in his body. He loves running around in the garden but can also be a really chilled out little boy.

“He can stay here for as long as he needs to, but we would love to find him a forever home.”

Anyone who thinks they can give Basil that forever home should visit:

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    1. Heath9409 Post author

      They come in 5 different designs:
      butterfly, quarterback (American Football), red angel wings, blue angel wings and the original (as modelled by the gorgeous Basil) white angel wings – see image:

      Muffin's Halo in 5 different designs


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