* Bayer launch a ‘site‘ for sore eyes – Pet Gazette

Source: Bayer launch a ‘site‘ for sore eyes – Pet Gazette

By Domonique De Friez

Dry eye affects around one in 22 dogs, and can affect up to 20 per cent of at risk breeds, yet in a recent survey, nearly half of dog owners were not aware that the condition could pose a potential risk to their pet.

To help address this, Bayer Animal Health has launched an educational website (www.remend.co.uk) specifically designed to help dog owners understand more about dry eye; covering clinical signs, predisposed breeds, diagnosis and treatment, with the key message throughout encouraging owners to speak to their vet with any concerns.

The website has been launched to support Bayer’s new tear replacement product, Remend TM Dry Eye Lubricant Drops, which is intended for use as part of the management of dry eye, alongside prescription medication, after the condition has been diagnosed by a veterinary surgeon.  RemendTM Dry Eye Lubricant Drops provide long-lasting lubrication for the eyes, and have the advantage that they can be applied less frequently than the majority of artificial tear supplements currently on the market. [Read full article….]


Source: Bayer launch a ‘site‘ for sore eyes – Pet Gazette

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