* What can I do to help my blind dog? An innovative, new solution becomes available in the UK

Source: (PRWEB UK) 11 March 2014

The Pet Business launches Muffin’s Halo guide for blind and visually impaired dogs to help them adapt and to stop them accidentally banging into things and hurting themselves. The halo protects them whilst allowing them to carry out all of their daily activities.

What can I do to help my blind dog? An innovative, new solution becomes available in the UK

The Pet Business is really excited to be launching this amazing product to help blind dogs.

Loss of vision in dogs and cats can occur for a number of reasons including diabetes which is a condition that is becoming increasingly common.

Other reasons for loss of sight include corneal problems, glaucoma, cancer, trauma, cataracts and retinal diseases.

What can you do when you are told your dog has gone blind and that there is no way to save their sight?

When this happens to humans, we are provided with aids such as sticks and assistance dogs. When a dog loses their sight the options can be limited.

This is what Silvie Bordeaux was faced with when her beloved dog ‘Muffin’ lost his sight. Silvie was distraught at seeing the change in him and his behaviour, he became depressed and refused to move after knocking into walls. Silvie wanted to create a chic, functional product that would give ‘Muffin’ his confidence back.

Muffin’s halo was developed and designed to be lightweight, comfortable and not to interfere with dogs’ daily activities.

Muffin’s Halo is now worn by 100s of blind dogs of all different breeds and the feedback has been really positive from those who have tried it for their dogs.

“This was Tigers first reaction after putting on Muffin’s Halo. I cried, since my husband’s departure to Afghanistan I hadn’t heard Tigers voice in 2 months. Muffin’s Halo made him so happy. He found his toy brought it to me so we could play . This is rare since he lost his sight. He loves it!”
– Andrea S.

The halo comes in the original white colour and red or blue. There are also quarterback and butterfly designs.

Veterinary Ophthalmologists across the US are now recommending the halos for blind and visually impaired dogs.

“I think Muffin’s Halo Guide For Blind Dogs is a good tool to help augment the lives of our patients with vision loss.”
– Christin Fahrer, DVM, MS, DACVO (Eye Care For Animals)

The Halo comes in a number of different sizes for dogs and as they are handmade measurements are taken to ensure that the product fits correctly.

The Pet Business has partnered with Muffin’s Halo to provide the Halos to the UK and Europe.

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