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Published date: 13 January 2014 |
Published by: Nathan Rowden

Cuici and Lucky with David and Patricia Rayment, of Llangollen

Cuici and Lucky with their new adoptive parents, David and Patricia Rayment of Llangollen, North Wales

A COUPLE have rescued two savagely beaten dogs from the brink of death.

David and Patricia Rayment, of Llangollen, took in Romanian herding dogs Cuici and Lucky after making contact with a charity saving dogs from being culled in Romania.

Cuici, 13, and Lucky, eight, were savagely beaten in Bucharest and both were left blind.

They were in a coma for two days after being rescued by the charity Asociatia Anima Pro Terror.

Mr Rayment, who owns the Hillcrest Guest House with his wife, said: “They were in kennels for several years and both were severely and savagely beaten and have both been left blind.

“Cuici has been left without either eye after having them taken out and Lucky has lost one of his eyes, has a huge dent in his head and had a broken jaw after being beaten.

“The way these dogs have been treated is so nasty.”

A top Romanian court ruled in favour of a law to kill tens of thousands of stray dogs wandering the streets of Bucharest after a four-year-old boy was mauled to death by one in September.

The boy’s death triggered street protests demanding action against the capital’s more than 60,000 strays, who bite dozens of people every day.

Mr Rayment, 61, said: “They do have a stray dog problem in Romania, but they have not ordered a way so these dogs are disposed of humanely.

“It is so sad to see and when we saw the Blind Dog Rescue UK website we just had to help.”

The aim of Blind Dog Rescue UK is to transport blind dogs from Europe into the UK, either to rescue centres or foster homes until they find loving homes of their own.

They work with other charities such as Asociatia Anima Pro Terror to make sure these dogs are given a good home in the UK.

Mr Rayment said: “The charity makes sure the dogs are microchipped, have passports, are spayed and healthy – all they want is to find them homes in the UK.

“I would hope more people in the area will come forward and do the same as us and save these dogs from the cruelty they have suffered and give them a good home.

“Both Cuici and Lucky are wonderful do gs and they have settled right in at home.”

Anyone who wants to help can visit www.blinddogrescueuk.webs.com

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