* Further updates on Milo’s leg

DSCF1192 adjustedTuesday 14th:
Milo was doing so well that I decided to take him for a short, gentle walk today. I went to get his lead and the other bits and pieces he needs when he’s out and about but, unfortunately, as Milo got up to come out into the hall, he started limping badly again. Exactly the same as had happened a few days ago. He wouldn’t put any weight on his foot and didn’t want to move at all.

So we’re back to square one – me carrying Milo everywhere, to his water bowl, to his food bowl, out into the garden for a pee….. (unfortunately Milo has always been picky as to where he eats and drinks. If we take his water bowl to him, he refuses to drink, even to the point of backing away from the bowl looking nervous, so I have to carry him to his bowl rather than the bowl to him.)

He’s now on some additional medication to reduce inflammation and we’ll have to see how he is in the morning.

The next morning (Wednesday 15th):
Milo’s leg doesn’t seem any better and he’s really struggling to move about. His back legs are very wobbly and he stumbles around trying to avoid putting any weight on his front leg. The increase in his anti-inflammatory medication doesn’t seem to be having any effect. The vet said to carry on with his medication for a few days and see what happens. Poor little Milo – he’s really in the wars at the moment.

Thursday 16th:
In the morning there was still no improvement in Milo’s leg, but as the day went on he seemed to perk up a bit. His back legs do seem more stable and he is able to move around on his own to get his water and food. He still won’t put any weight on his front leg, but with the back legs being stronger he can manage to hobble around without too much trouble. I still have to help him into the garden, but that’s just by using a towel as a sort of sling to take most of his weight as he walks down the ramp and back up again.

The great news is that Milo has also started doing his usual again – standing (or lying) in the middle of the room barking his head off – his way of saying “where’s my dinner” or “I want a bit of notice and a game”.

Friday 17th:
Back to square one. Milo’s back legs are really weak again and his front leg is still no better. He’s very quiet and I’m getting really concerned about this. He doesn’t have much of a life at the moment – spends most of his time sleeping and when he has to go out for a pee he stands very unsteadily and his legs sometimes collapse under him as he tries to move. Also I’m having to carry him in and out again.

At least Milo finally seems to have accepted having his water bowl and food bowl brought to him and, after a bit of coaxing, he has a drink or eats his dinner.

Later the same day……
Well, this evening Milo all of a sudden came to life. He started his barking trick just after he’d had his dinner and he’s been having a whale of a time…. He still can’t stand and move around on his own, but he’s alert and having fun. He’s slept most of the day so maybe this has given him the energy to run us ragged tonight…. 😀

Saturday 18th:
DSCF1188 adjustedMilo had a bit of a night last night – he was up several times in the night needing a pee, but after his last trip out at around 2am he fell soundly asleep and slept well for the rest of the night. However, because of his disturbed sleep last night he really didn’t want to get up this morning. 6am every morning we get up so that he can have his breakfast early ready for his first insulin injection of the day but this morning he really wasn’t interested – he just wanted to stay in bed. DSCF1189 adjustedIt took at least half an hour for him to decide to greet the day properly.

Once he was up, though, he was full of fun and has been barking and playing (in between his usual long snoozes and trips to the garden) all day. His front leg still isn’t any better, but he lies on the floor barking and playing with us and he has still got a really good appetite. Milo has always loved his food…. DSCF1190Right now he’s lying by the kitchen door demanding his dinner but he’s a bit previous.   It’s only 5:30pm and he doesn’t get his dinner till 6pm so that he can have his second insulin injection 12 hours after his first. That doesn’t stop him asking, though. He usually starts at around 5pm and goes on till I finally feed him at 6pm.

He really is an amazing little chap…… and we love him to bits….

Sunday 19th:
Milo’s been quite quiet today, but relatively comfortable. He’s slept most of the day but when he’s awake he’s alert and interested in what’s going on around him. This is fabulous news for us. He still won’t put any weight on his bad leg, but his back legs are continuing to get stronger and more stable which means he can at least maneouvre himself into the most comfortable position without toppling over.

Sunday evening:
Milo suddenly started demanding his dinner just after 6pm and he hasn’t stopped barking, playing and generally monkeying around since then. He’s a happy little doggie again at the moment 😀 He has even been getting up to go over to his water bowl on his own, he stood up to eat his dinner and just now he walked over to the backdoor to ask to go into the garden for a pee. I’m still carrying him out and back again just in case he slips on the ramp or whatever, but it’s so encouraging that he’s willing to try to go out himself.

Four days later (Thursday 24th):
Over the last few days Milo has gradually improved and his limp has become less and less pronounced. He has returned to his usual fun-loving, noisy self and is running (well perhaps not actually running) around all over the place. His medication has been lowered so we’re watching in case his leg gets worse again, but at the moment all is going well. I’m still carrying him out into the garden and back in again because I don’t want him putting too much strain on his leg, but in the house he’s moving around all on his own…. fingers crossed he continues to improve.

Wednesday 29th:
Milo is still slightly limping but is managing to get about the house and garden without too much difficulty. He has even been able to bring himself in from the garden, although I still carry him out so that he doesn’t jar his leg as he steps off the ramp. As he is doing so well, I decided to take him for his first, gentle and short walk. He had a great time and probably did too much because he was crashed out on the floor pretty much the rest of the day!

Thursday 30th:
Milo is a bit quiet today and has been limping a bit more than recently so I decided it’s best not to walk him today and see how he is tomorrow. If he’s not too bad I’ll give him another gentle walk and see what happens. He finishes his anti-inflammatory pills tomorrow so we’ll have to hope he’s over the worst and that his leg doesn’t start to get bad again. Fingers crossed.

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