* Bring Bramble Home: Missing epileptic dog needs her meds

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Published On: Fri, Mar 13th, 2015 on 2:14 pm

A local family is appealing to the public to help find their missing dog who needs urgent medication.

Bramble, a Liver and White Springer Spaniel, was taken from her owner’s car on 3 January from Spring Rock, Greetland, in Halifax.

She suffers from epilepsy and needs her daily medication.

Bring Bramble Home Halifax

Have you seen Bramble?

Owner Anne-Marie Howarth said: “Bramble has been with us as a family since the day she was born four and a half years ago.

“She was in my dad’s vehicle and when he went to check on her she wasn’t there and all the things at the back of the seats had been pulled out.”

Bramble is micro-chipped and had no collar when she went missing.

Ever since she vanished, a campaign named ‘Bring Bramble Home’ has been set up by family and friends to raise awareness and find her.

Appeals have also been shared by well-known faces such as Josh Tapper and Baasit Siddiqui from the award-winning Channel 4 show Gogglebox.

Anne-Marie said: “It would mean so much to us for Bramble to be returned safe and most importantly because she has such a special place in our hearts and she is a member of our family and loved so very much. We were devastated when she was taken.”

If you have any information on Bramble’s whereabouts, or want to follow the campaign, search for the ‘Bring Bramble Home’ group on Facebook.

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