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Vision care experts Lenstore are supporting Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s campaign to build a new Vet Hospital, which will provide much needed treatment for the many cats and dogs that arrive on their doorstep in need of medical care.


Every year Battersea Dogs & Cats Home cares for over 10,000 dogs and cats. For every single animal that arrives at the Home, the journey to a new life begins with a full medical examination by a Vet or Vet Nurse in the existing Clinic. But space in the current clinic is limited and the busy Vets and Vet Nurses need a new hospital that is clean, efficient and designed so that they can do more life-saving work than ever before.

Lenstore’s support will help Battersea build a new Vet Hospital which will provide vital veterinary care and attention for all the animals that find themselves at the Home through no fault of their own.

Source: #LoveYourPetsEyes | Lenstore.co.uk

Lenstore are supporting Battersea by raising awareness of pet eye health and they have produced a number of articles on some of the most common eye conditions seen by the staff at the Dogs and Cats Home, including cataracts, cherry eye, entropion and conjunctivitis. The articles contain information on the Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment for each condition. Each article also features an easy to follow infographic, which contains all the important information in a user-friendly format.

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