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Source: thelocal.it

Published: 13 Mar 2015 10:37 GMT+01:00

A man in central Italy died after trying to save his dog, which had fallen into a pit, national media reported on Thursday.

Enzo Gaddi, 52, was found dead in a pit in his garden in the Modena area, Tgcom24 reported.

He went out on Tuesday night with his blind dog, who fell into the hole dug for a new mast for energy company Enel.

Gaddi’s body was found the next morning by his elderly mother, while the dog had stayed by his side throughout the night. The man’s precise cause of death has not yet been announced.

Italy is a dog-loving nation, which around six million registered pooches for a population of 60 million.

Last year tragedy struck along the country’s Adriatic coast, when a hero dog died moments after saving a boy from the sea. The dog raced into the water to save a five-year-old boy, but drowned moments after the child was rescued.

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