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By Elisa Jaffe
Published: Feb 13, 2014 at 5:16 PM PST
Last Updated: Feb 13, 2014 at 6:30 PM PST10

CENTRALIA, Wash. — Neither rain nor snow or loss of sight can stop Molly from delivering mail.”She’s the most important employee I have,” says Tom Taylor. Taylor owns the Goin’ Postal shipment center in Centralia where his blind black lab is the mascot of the mailroom. “99 percent of the people when they come through the door they know Molly’s name and they don’t have a clue who I am except for Molly’s dad,” he said. Taylor says business slows down on Molly’s day off: “because the customers know she’s not here.”The black labrador with the green Seahawk collar carries a clipboard to customers to sign for packages. Carrying a large envelope labeled Molly’s Mail, she heads with her owner to pick up the morning mail at home and at work. She used to take customer’s large FedEx and UPS envelopes and set them on the back shelf by herself. Now she needs the guidance of her owner.”She has to have her guide dad help her along the way,” Taylor joked.Four years ago, Molly lost sight in one eye and just 4 months ago Tyler’s 10-year-old dog went blind from Glaucoma. “I really thought her going blind was gonna be very traumatic for her and I honestly think she’s handled it better than I have,” says her owner. Molly bumps her head and hugs the walls but still delivers a package to the back shelf for customer Debra Steele. “It’s really a thrill,” she said. “She’s just such a sweet thing and to know that she can’t even see but is so dedicated to what she’s always done is kind of inspiring.”Taylor is now scent training Molly. He’s placed scented tabs on walls and cabinets marking the obstacles so Molly won’t bump into them. And he’s scented track along the shipping center’s carpet to help Molly’s nose sniff out her next step. Every feat she accomplishes earns a treat and scratch on the head. The counter is covered in bags of dog treats from customers. Molly isn’t the only working dog in the family. Tyler’s dog Roxy is the mascot at his wife’s jewelry store in Lacey.

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