* Blind senior dog and bonded best friend dumped at pound, need out now | Examiner.com

Source: Blind senior dog and bonded best friend dumped at pound, need out now | Examiner.com

May 17, 201612:02 PM MST

Cheerio and Fubu, bonded pair dumped at PACC shelter, need out now. [Team Up For Tucson]

Dumped at the Pima County Animal Care Center (“PACC”) in Tucson, innocent victims of their humans’ divorce, two bonded older dogs, are struggling at the shelter. Cheerio, is blind, and he and Fubu, his sighted best friend, rely completely on each other for support. But sadly, because of the stress of being in the county shelter, the dogs have been separated for safety concerns, as indicated by a note on one of their kennels. These two pups have been in the shelter since April 10, 2016 and it is wearing on them.

Team Up For Tucson

Volunteers at the shelter and local animal welfare community are very concerned that while Cheerio is literally blind to what’s going on around him, Fubu is very anxious for both of them, and has been but on anti-stress meds to try and alleviate the poor dog’s distress. Both dogs are technically seniors – Cheerio is 8, and Fubu is 7 – and the odds of them being adopted at all, much less together, are somewhat daunting, but championing their cause is animal welfare group, Team Up for Tucson (“TUFT”), who are working hard to get the dogs adopted together – putting together videos and pleas for these pups.

They have also been taking both Fubu and Cheerio, out of the shelter and working on their training at canine recreation center and gym, A Loyal Companion (“ALC”), to help prepare them together for, hopefully, a future new and loving home.

In addition, they are both sponsored for one month of training at ALC, and have $250 veterinary credit each, for their future family’s use. The dogs are playful, friendly, sweet, and share everything – toys, food, treats, and kisses – and being blind does not hold Cheerio back from being an amazing, loving dog.

“Fubu is such a loving guide dog to Cheerio, it’s pretty incredible what they have worked out together…These two guys are so special, please consider giving them a forever home and enjoy what you have done for them.” ~Steve Oliver, volunteer

These boys need a loving home sooner rather than later – let’s make sure they are never, ever separated from each other again and will live out the rest of their days happily together. If you are able to adopt, foster, or are a rescue willing to take them in, please immediately contact: Team Up for Tucson at 520-303-2167 or info@teamupfortucson.com.

“I feel so bad that NONE of these photos capture how amazing these two dogs are around people. To say they are truly sweet, special, unique and amazing would be the understatement of the year!” ~TUFT volunteer, Michele Ochoaski

Team Up For Tucson

Source: Blind senior dog and bonded best friend dumped at pound, need out now | Examiner.com

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