Blind dog rescued in Harrisburg work zone


A construction crew with a big heart rescued a blind dog in Harrisburg, and now an animal rescue group is looking for a good home.

The workers found the brown and white pit bull in a ditch at the Front Street work zone Wednesday morning. Unsure what to do next, they secured the dog to keep it out of traffic.

That’s when a passerby stepped in to help.

“I happened to look to the left and I seen him tied to the ground over there,” Ulysses Matthews said. “I asked the construction guy and he said he found him in a ditch.”

The dog is not only blind, but also has scars and bite marks. Matthews said he couldn’t just walk away.

“I can’t have that on my conscience,” he said. “I love animals. I have a dog and I just  – it would be on my conscience. I don’t want to take that to the grave with me.”

Matthews took the dog in his care until he could get help. Speranza Animal Rescue in Mechanicsburg has it now and is looking for a permanent home.

“He’s a nice healthy dog. I don’t understand how people could do that to a dog,” he said. “A helpless, good animal. A lost little animal. A scared animal, that’s what I see.”

Source: Blind dog rescued in Harrisburg work zone

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