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Source: Northumberland Gazette

Published on the 18 August 2014 16:00

Lily, the Springer Spaniel author

Lily, the Springer Spaniel author

A blind springer spaniel, who was rescued by her owner, has written a book about the adventures of her first year.

Lily was given to the Northern English Springer Spaniel Rescue (NESSR) group when her first owner became seriously ill.

But then Pat Fairless, of Windsor Gardens, Alnwick, came across her on the NESSR website and saw she had been put up for adoption.

A brief contact with the owner of NESSR and Pat had adopted Lily – who came to live with her and her two other spaniels, Daisy and Duffy.

But Lily was different. She was born blind, with eyes, but had one of them removed while she was in rescue and the other taken our around four weeks ago.

However, she lives life just like any other canine.

And Pat was so inspired by Lily’s determination that she decided to write a book about her journey.

Each chapter is split into sections with a statement from Pat and then one from Lily, which is written as Pat thinks she would view what is going on.

And Lily has risen to fame on social media.

She has her own Facebook page with more than 500 friends who comment on her posts and admirers overseas in America and Australia among others.

Pat said: “The folk that follow her on Facebook asked me again and again to put her story into a book, she has touched many folk far and wide with her sheer determination.

“There are people that are housebound, lonely, bullied and they relate to her.

“If I miss an evening story-time they flood her page with messages of worry and upset; she has something that touches their hearts. They tell her their woes, worries, even their achievements from just getting out of bed to walking to the garden gate.

“She is the most rewarding wee soul I have ever had the pleasure to meet, all I do is look over her and everyone loves her.”

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