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By Tapasya Mitra Mazumder, Bangalore Mirror Bureau | May 19, 2014, 02.00 AM IST

Kempu the blind Cocker Spaniel went missing for a day in Bangalore

Kempu, the blind Cocker Spaniel went missing for a day in Bangalore

A blind cocker spaniel which got lost from Banashankari 2nd Stage was found wandering on the roads of Jayanagar 7th Block. He had a tough time till a kind morning walker stopped by and took him to a local animal welfare NGO and reunited him with his owners.

For the Vastareys, Thursday morning turned out to be a nightmare, when one of their two blind dogs did not return from a walk. Nagaraj Vastarey, an architect and Kannada writer, to whom the dogs belong, said, “Every morning our maid arrives to take our dogs out for a walk. She has the habit of not walking them on their leashes. She simply walks ahead and the three follow her around. Thursday too, was no different. She did notice that Kempu, our 11-year-old cocker spaniel, was missing. But she came back home thinking that he would have returned.”

Kempu developed cataracts in his eyes three years ago and turned blind in six months. The vet had told them that there was no hope for cocker spaniels with cataract and that they inevitably turn blind. But in spite of being blind, Kempu’s other senses were more than perfect.

The Vastareys launched a search and put up over 100 posters in the neighbourhood with Kempu’s photos and contact details. Businessman Suresh K, was returning from his morning walk when he spotted a group of people staring at the dog. “They were all standing and looking at him without making any moves. I noticed that he was blind and thinking that he must have lost his way, I took him home with me. Later I called up an animal welfare NGO called Krupa Loving Animals, which asked me to drop him off at their shelter in Kengeri Satellite Town,” said Suresh.

In the evening, when Suresh’s son, Ujwal, was browsing on Facebook, he spotted the missing poster posted by the Vasatarey’s, which was shared by the dog-loving community online. Suresh said, “My son called me up and told me about it. I took the owner’s number from him and called him up to inform them of their dog’s whereabouts.”

At the shelter, however, supervisor, Teknath did a thorough check on whether the black and blind cocker spaniel that had come to them that day was indeed Kempu. “I went to Kempu’s kennel and called out to him. He immediately sat up in response at having recognised his name. Telling the family to be careful in future, I handed him over,” Teknath said.

Kempu is home now and though he was dull initially, he has recovered now and is back to his usual ways.

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