* Have you seen blind and deaf spaniel Belle? | Evening Times

FEARS are growing for a deaf and blind dog which went missing on election night. 

Belle, 14, suffers from dementia as well as hearing and sight problems, and went missing on May 7 from her Newlands home.

The cute canine was last seen on Calderwood Road around 11pm that evening.

Owners Linda McConville and daughter India have been frantically searching for their beloved pooch for more than a week, and are now appealing to the public for help.

They have contacted the police and animal sanctuaries and charities in their bid to find the elderly Tibetan spaniel.

Linda said: ” It’s heartbreaking.”

This has been a week and a half from hell.

“She was out in the front garden on election night, she usually just shuffles up and down and sometimes crosses the road at the park, goes down to the postbox and back up again.

“My husband went to get her and she had vanished. It was after 11. I don’t know if someone has lifted her if she looked lost.

“We have scoured every street, every vet, police station, cat and dog home, and there is no sign of her.”

The search for the beloved family pet has already extended beyond Glasgow, with dog lovers in England and America sharing the family’s plea on social media.

Linda added: “Everyone has just been so helpful and kind, but we just want to find her safely.”


Source: Have you seen blind and deaf spaniel Belle? | Evening Times

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