* Blind Dog Who Was Kept In A Pantry Now Lives Like A King

Source: Blind Dog Who Was Kept In A Pantry Now Lives Like A King  |  thedodo.com

By Christian Cotroneo  |  Apr. 18, 2016

When Splinter got sick, he was exiled to the pantry.

His owner thought it might have been mange and didn’t want him infecting the other animals.

So he spent his days and nights in total isolation, while the sickness claimed his fur, his vision and, very nearly, his hope.

But one day, the pantry door opened. The owner had been reported for animal hoarding. Authorities took Splinter to a shelter in Shafter, California.

Doctors found a six-pound tumour attached to his spleen.

It was Cushing’s Disease, an ailment that causes hair loss, skin infection and a unique potbellied appearance. Not to mention the extreme discomfort of having a football-sized tumor pressing up against the internal organs.

It also caused Splinter to go permanently blind……[Read the full article]

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