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Lost deaf, blind dog rescued from ravine, has touching reunion with owner

EAST BETHLEHEM, Pa. — Two Pennsylvania police officers are being credited with rescuing a missing and injured dog in Washington County.

Neighbors told WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh that they called police Monday morning after hearing painful barking coming from a ravine.

“It sounded like he was dying. The barks kept getting weaker,” said C.C. Edwards, who called 911.

Edwards said he and other neighbors couldn’t get near the dog because of the treacherous terrain. However, two officers showed up and were determined to save 13-year-old Boo-Boo.

The officers got to Boo-Boo and quickly realized he was injured and that’s why he couldn’t move.

The officers then started the difficult task of trying to get him out of the ravine without suffering further injury.

“One of the officers was really wiped out. He was sweating and he said, ‘It’s like a sauna down there.’ He didn’t know how the dog made it,” Edwards said.

But Boo-Boo did make it and was reunited with his owner, who thought his missing dog had died.

“I just got down bawling. I was accepting this is it,” said Sean Corcoran.

Corcoran said Boo-Boo, who is deaf and blind, went missing several days ago. He’s very grateful for the officers who helped save his dog.

“He doesn’t get around real well. His hips are going. I think he stumbled and fell,” Corcoran said.

Officials said Boo-Boo had a slipped disc

via Injured dog rescued from Pennsylvania ravine, reunited with owner | www.wpxi.com

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