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Diabetes is one of the most common diseases that is observed in adults, children and pets alike. It has tripled for pets since the late 70s. When initially diagnosed with diabetes, most pet owners tend to face major issues not knowing how to take care of their pet and managing them. But, most of you become habituated to it after some time.

Remember, once your dog is diagnosed with diabetes, it’s going to be diabetic for life. You will need to care for him and nurture him in such a way that the diabetes does not adversely affect his health. There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Type 1 is the most common in dogs where they fail to produce the necessary amount of insulin. Type 2 is where your dog would produce insulin but the body fails to respond properly to it.

In case your dog is suffering from diabetes, most commonly it would be type 1, and then you need to take immense amount of care about his diet. Make sure he is fed well. You should even take care of what he has and what he does not have.

High Protein Food


There is no one single food for diabetic dog that you should consider. But, while you are on it, try feeding your pet meat that is high in proteins, carbohydrates and fat. It will take care of all the nutritional needs of your dog. But always remember to include carbohydrates that are low on glycemic content. It is also important to remember that fats should be reduced if your dog is suffering from pancreatitis and blood fat elevations. You should take care that the meat you are feeding him/her is low in fat in such cases. Chicken breast can also be considered as food for diabetic dogs. Soybeans are also good food for dogs with diabetes.

High Fibre Diet
Food for diabetic dogs should be rich in fibre along with proteins. Fibre is an important nutritional element that is necessary for the dog’s health and well being especially during diabetes. It is pretty similar to humans, who are also recommended food rich in fibre and iron. This is so that the post-food blood sugar fluctuations are controlled and the body stays normal. Some fibre rich diabetes diet for dogs could be spinach, lean lamb etc.

Fibre: A Basic Understanding
As a dog owner you should be aware of the types of fibre and which should be fed to your dog. In general there are two kinds of fibre: one, the soluble type and the other, the insoluble type. A moderate amount of fibre is good enough for your diabetic dog. Generally you should avoid soluble fibres as a diabetic food for your dogs. Diarrhea and gas are risk factors involved when feeding your dog with soluble fibres. You will find that the dog tolerates insoluble fibres more as compared to soluble fibres. Insoluble fibres slow down diarrhoea, treat constipation, regularize the stool produce of your dog etc. But, remember not too feed too much of insoluble fibres as this can produce side effects.

Carbohydrates: A Basic Understanding
Carbohydrates bring in fluctuations in the blood sugar level after eating. A strong relationship exists between the insulin dosage taken by your dog and the carbohydrate intake taken during the meal. If you wish to keep the insulin level steady, then you should make sure that the carbohydrate intake is stable and absolutely normal. Do not give your dogs a lot of carbohydrates. Low glycemic content foods and fruits can also be used as diabetes diet for dogs such as grapefruit, oranges, papaya etc.

Treatment & Monitoring
While you are giving the right diet to your dogs, make sure you keep an eye on your dog’s blood sugar level. At the same time do not forget to give him the right insulin dosages at the right time.

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