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Source: The Times of India

Indira Rodericks, TNN | Jul 27, 2014, 12.02 AM IST

NAVI MUMBAI: Having a dog or a cat as a pet can be fun, but having a disabled pet can be challenging. But for some pet owners in Navi Mumbai, it is a chance to shower them with unconditional love.

Airoli resident Geetha Iyer has one blind dog called Creamy who suffers from rickets. She also owns Ganga who was rescued during the 2005 deluge after being electrocuted. “We got Creamy as a pup and he was already blind then. But now he is familiar with the layout of the house,” she said.

Kharghar resident Vidya Anand owns a blind dog, Simba, one blind cat, Phantom, and another dog, Sienna, who was picked up with five fractures. “Although doctors told us to put Sienna to sleep, we could not do so,” she said.

Nursing these animals during their injuries required patience and time. Anand said once the animals got used to their environment, looking after them became easy. “The trick is to have minimum furniture at home, so it does not get in their way,” she said.

Kamothe resident Anand Srinivasan owns one paralyzed Remy Martin, Amber, with seven fractures in her hind legs, and Shakey who suffers from a cerebral disorder. “Remy was found paralyzed in an accident and we could not set it right,” said Anand. “They need food and toys to get through the day,” he said.

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