* Ingenious DIY harness for small and tiny blind dogs – easy to make

Source: This harness gave our blind dog a boost to his confidence! (X-post from /r/aww)

submitted 23rd July 2015 by _Blur

Reddit.com User _Blur has posted a really clever DIY Hoop Collar for tiny and small dogs who may find other such collars too heavy or bulky. It’s easy to make and uses readily available materials so almost anyone could make one themselves.


The following is taken direct from _Blur’s post on Reddit.com:

“I started with a Top Paw easy comfort for harness from pet smart and cut the straps and had them resewn to our dogs exact size to the harness was snug enough to keep the hoop level at all times

“Next I drilled two holes in each of the leather sides of the harness like so


“Then I put in some bolts, washers, and measured out some 3/4” plastic hanger strap (I double layered this for a bit more strength so it didn’t just bend and hit him) and bent the ends slightly to form the hoop. I put two more washers between the harness and hanger strap and secured it with some wing nuts like so


“It ended up looking like this


“Finally we put it on and let him adjust!”


This clever design even keeps clear of the dog’s food and water bowls!


Source: This harness gave our blind dog a boost to his confidence! (X-post from /r/aww)


2 thoughts on “* Ingenious DIY harness for small and tiny blind dogs – easy to make

  1. Tracy Craven

    Love the buddy halo my dog sutty has just gone totally blind he’s a diabetic so it was inevitable he would lose his sight it’s so sad trying to stop him bumping into furniture I can’t afford the muffin halo so was looking at the buddy one and it looks fantastic and would suit my dog sutty I just wish I knew someone who could make me one for my boy sutty I love my boy he’s my life I just wish I could help him find his way around without bumping into everything

    1. Heath9409 Post author

      Sorry to learn that Sutty has lost his sight and that he is having trouble navigating round obstacles. I know what you are going through because that’s what happened to Milo’s sight and it happened so quickly. He was diagnosed with diabetes towards the end of one month and by the middle of the next month he’d already gone blind. It’s such a shock that it happens so quickly and it and takes a lot of adjusting for both dog and owner.

      Ready-made halos are expensive as an initial outlay and we don’t all have the funds available – particularly given how much the ongoing medical costs will be for a diabetic dog.

      Have you thought of trying the easy DIY version using cable ties. Instructions are available on blinddogs.net. The cable ties act like long whiskers and because they are soft and flexible, they shouldn’t interfere when Sutty wants to lie down for a well deserved snooze! Also they are so lightweight that even a small dog shouldn’t have problems.


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