Diabetes Testing Kits

Monitoring your pet’s blood glucose levels on a regular basis is essential in order to maintain an appropriate dose of insulin to keep your pet healthy. This usually involves a day-long stay at the vets for your pet while the staff carry out tests every hour or two and plot the results on a curve. This curve shows your vet how your pet is responding to the insulin and then adjustments can be made to the dosage as necessary.

This is obviously something that can’t be done very frequently because of the stress this can cause your pet, not to mention the financial cost involved for you. Therefore, once your pet’s levels have stabilised, your vet will suggest admitting your pet for a blood glucose curve every three to six months, just to check for any changes in your pet’s levels. In the meantime, you and your vet will have no idea what is happening to your pet’s blood glucose levels.

A solution can be to use a home monitoring kit. These are very simple to use and will allow you to keep a much closer eye on your pets glucose levels.

The following systems are available for home use:

Alpha Trak Blood Glucose Monitoring System – A simple to use system which can be set to either the US measuring system or the UK/European system. These meters, as well as the test strips, lancets and test/calibration fluid are readily available from a number of online outlets.

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