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K9 Eye Protection for Chronic Eye Conditions and Environmental Hazards

Rex Specs K9 are protective goggles for dogs. They are designed to protect your dog’s eyes from sun (UV) and natural elements through all types of activities.

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stormjaden2_320_220Rex Specs are protective eyewear that can keep up with all the fun and adventure. They are stable on the face while still allowing for full jaw motion and range of view. Rex Specs protect from debris, environmental hazards and UV rays. Rex Specs have been tested and designed for working dogs and to assist in the treatment of canine eye conditions such as pannus (Chronic Superficial Keratitis).

rex-specs-galleryWorking Dogs

Rex Specs K9 design is optimized for the working dog. The large spherical lens design allows for a full range of view, eliminating the potential for any distractions or obstruction during wear.  The soft foam edge fits snuggly on the face of the dog protecting them from dust and debris. The low profile fully adjustable strap easily integrates with other products and harnesses. The goggle fits securely throughout all activities while still allowing maximum freedom and full jaw motion.

Rex Specs shop-specsPerfect for active dogs

Rex Specs K9 eyewear is durable and functional. These canine goggles are designed to provide maximum range of view, stay in place regardless of the activity level, and provide eye protection from sun, debris and vegetation in all environments.

Rex Specs’ polycarbonate lens blocks harmful UV rays.

US Manufacturer and Supplier:
Click here to buy Rex Specs K9 Eyewear direct from

UK Supplier:
Click here to buy Rex Specs K9 Eyewear from UK retailer Von Wolf K9

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2 thoughts on “Rex Specs K9 Eyewear

    1. Heath9409 Post author

      Hi Oliver

      I checked with Rex SpecsK9 and they have been trying to respond to your messages but their answers don’t seem to be getting through to your inbox for some reason.

      At the moment there is just one retail outlet selling Rex Specs in the UK. Here’s a link to their site: Von Wolf K9 They don’t have many of the colour options in stock but it’s worth checking them out.

      Rex SpecsK9 ship internationally and they’ve said that delivery to the UK would cost from $19.95 (approx £13 based on exchange rates as of today, 5 November 2015) so if you can’t find what you want with Von Wolf K9, you could always order direct from

      Rex Specs are looking to expand their business into the UK and Europe at some point, but in the meantime you can either order from them in the US or via Von Wolf K9.

      I hope this information helps.

      All the best


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