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Sonar/Echo-Location Devices

This is an interesting new concept: helping blind dogs safely navigate their surroundings by way of a unit around their neck, which emits a beeping sound to warn of objects and obstructions as the dog approaches them. The theory being that dogs have the ability to echo-locate, so long as the sound is artificially produced for them; they just can’t produce the sound themselves in the way that bats, dolphins etc do. Note: the sound emitted is above the range of the human ear but within the range of the dog’s hearing,

BlindSight® unit (Jordy Canid Inc.)BlindSight® for Canines is a specialized “Sonar” type transmitter that produces a sound that may be used by a dog to navigate in much the same way as a dolphin or bat. The sound produced by the BlindSight® unit is well outside of the human hearing range.



All dogs can have problems walking across uncarpeted, slippery floor surfaces, particularly as they get older and their joints become stiff and sore, but for blind dogs this can lead to a serious loss of confidence. Footwear, particularly that made of rubber can improve traction and so restore some of their lost confidence.

Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips are made of natural nonslip material that grips the floor in a way your dog’s hard toenails cannotDr Buzby’s Toe Grips help older and arthritic dogs keep their footing on slippery hard floors such as wood, laminate or tiled floors by providing  extra traction

Pawz Natural Rubber Dog BootsBuy PAWZ on pawzdogboots.com/ are the most natural-feeling boots your dog can wear because without padding your dog feels the ground, providing a needed sense of security. Like a sock, PAWZ moves with your dog, allowing full paw motion and maximum comfort


Scent Markers

Blind dogs use their sense of smell to help compensate for their lack of eyesight. Using scent markers at key points around their home, such as doorways, stairs and so on can help them map out their surroundings.

Innovet Tracerz Scent Markers for Blind Dogs are scent based location markers to help blind dogs navigate their surroundings. Made of all natural ingredients that dogs are proven to detect best, Tracerz help blind dogs see the world through their sense of smell.


Incontinence Equipment

As they get older some dogs can start to experience issues with incontinence, even some young dogs can have difficulties of this kind due to medical conditions, physical injury, surgery or just plain weakness of the bladder. These issues will obviously effect blind dogs as well as sighted dogs. If your dog starts to have problems of this kind there are some aids available which can protect your home and reduce the stresses that coping with frequent accidents can cause.

https://i0.wp.com/www.nappypantsfordogs.com/ekmps/shops/glenndarcy/resources/Design/poodle2.jpg?resize=100%2C72Glenndarcy Dog Pants produce a range of incontinence pants for dogs with weakened or no bladder control. The Nappy Pants are for the girls and the Belly Bands are for the boys.

Health For Animals produce a range of hardwearing waterproof bedding suitable for dogs with incontinency issues, as well as those who just love getting wet and muddy and then walking it all into the house! Dog Ruff® beds are 100% Waterproof and hardwearing.

Miscellaneous but useful Gadgets and Gizmos

https://i0.wp.com/ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51cRNtb3jQL._SY450_.jpg?resize=60%2C83Pill Splitters (buy Pill Splitters on Amazon.co.uk)
If you’ve ever tried to divide a small pill because the vet has prescribed a dose of half a tablet, you will know it is very difficult to do accurately. Pill Cutters or Splitters are useful gadgets that can make this process much easier.



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