Scent Markers

Innovet Tracerz Scent Markers for Blind Dogs

Tracerz Scent Markers

Tracerz are scent based location markers to help blind dogs navigate their surroundings. Made of all natural ingredients that dogs are proven to detect best, Tracerz help blind dogs see the world through their sense of smell.

None of the scents used in Tracerz are designed to attract or repel pets; they are used to mark an object with a long lasting scent that dogs can easily detect.

Each Tracerz marker should be placed at nose height at close as possible to the spot your dog gets lost in. Other suggested placements include wall corners, stair edges, doors, door jambs, tables, chairs and anywhere else your dog tends to bump into.

  • Primarily used to help blind dogs from getting lost and so reduce anxiety
  • Helps minimize the frequency and severity of collisions
  • Helps blind dogs regain confidence and assists them in developing a mental map of their environment
  • Contains proven scents that dogs are best at detecting. 28 Tracerz dots per pack – 84 total
  • Simply scratch the Tracerz marker to renew the scent every month or as needed. Replace every 6 months. Can last up to a year

3 thoughts on “Scent Markers

  1. Theresa May

    These scent markers are rather pricey for someone on a fixed income. would cotton balls and essential oils work instead? Is there another material that will hold the scent better? My poor little girl is having a terrible time of it and I certainly can’t afford cataract surgery. Any help would be very much appreciated. 🙂

    1. Heath9409 Post author

      I’m sorry to hear that your little one is having such a bad time. Cataract surgery is very expensive and beyond many people’s pockets. Also, in some cases surgery isn’t appropriate or advisable (for example due to the dog’s age or additional health problems). Therefore many people find themselves in the same situation as you, with no alternative but to help their dog adjust to life with severely impaired vision.

      I understand what you are saying about the cost of Tracerz and agree that the initial outlay in buying a pack of Scent Markers could be prohibitive for those on a fixed income.

      Dabbing essential oils such as orange, lavendar etc around your home will work just as well as the Tracerz and will incur a much smaller initial outlay, but the scents will fade fairly quickly and will need to be refreshed regularly. I can’t think of anything that would hold the scent any longer than the cotton wool balls that you suggest (cotton wool circular pads may easier to use for this purpose), but I will look around and see if I can find an alternative. I would suggest using a different scent for each type of landmark, such as orange oil for doorways, lavender oil for the staircase, etc to help your dog identify each type of obstacle.

      Note: Using a different Pot Pourri or other room fragrance within each room will help your dog to identify which room she is in.

      Also, if you could put door mats at the entrance to each room this will help your dog to locate the doorways and perhaps using a halo or hoop collar/harness will help prevent her colliding with large obstacles – the idea being that the halo acts as a sort of bumper which will warn your dog to turn away from walls, doors etc. See here for details of cost effective DIY halo collars.

      If I find a better alternative to cotton wool pads I will add it to this page. Meantime, I really hope the above helps your little girl.
      Best wishes to you both. 🙂


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