“White Cane” Collars and Harnesses

Continually colliding with furniture, walls and other obstacles is enough to cause even the most outgoing of dogs to lose confidence in their ability to navigate their surroundings. Blind dogs can often become withdrawn and reluctant to move about their own home – even more so in less familiar surroundings such as the park. A Hoop or Halo collar, vest or harness can help restore some of their confidence and encourage them to start to explore their environment.

The following sites sell Hoop/Halo Harnesses and Vests:

Muffin’s Halo – Custom made Hoop Harnesses for blind dogs

Blind Dog Bumper Collars – A hoop collar which acts as a bumper to protect blind dogs. These collars are sold exclusively on eBay

Halos for Paws – Halo Vests – “The White Cane for the Blind Dog”. Head protection product for blind dogs

The Pet Business – UK website now selling Muffin’s Halo

DIY Collars – plans and instructions for collars you can make yourself:

eHow DIY Hoop Collar  – article on how to make a Hoop Collar for a blind dog

BlindDogs.net – instructions for an easy to make DIY “White Cane” collar using plastic cable ties

Reddit.com – user _Blur has posted instructions and pictures on a clever DIY Hoop Collar for small and tiny dogs where other hoop collars may be too heavy or bulky


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