Why I created this site


Milo is an inspiration to all who know him

Milo is blind, diabetic and epileptic but he is the sweetest natured dog you could imagine

Milo went blind in July 2010 after developing cataracts and glaucoma,  as a result of contracting diabetes. Milo’s blindness led to a massive change in his life, as well as my own but it certainly wasn’t the end of the world for either of us.

When Milo first went blind, I didn’t have a clue what to expect……How would he cope? How would I cope? Would he still be able to enjoy life? So many questions going round in my head.

So I did what people do nowadays – I searched the internet. At that time, I only managed to find one or two websites that had any useful advice on caring for blind dogs. But the information on those sites did help, particularly their reassurances that dogs really do manage to come to terms with the loss of their eyesight.

I must admit to a fair amount of scepticism when I first read about how well dogs adjust to being blind, but I am sceptical no longer….. Milo has adjusted. There’s no denying that his life has changed, for example he can no longer play fetch with ordinary sticks or toys and he has to “feel” and “sniff” his way around, particularly in unfamiliar places.

My life is different too, for example when we’re out for a walk I have to be conscious of any potential obstacles and dangers, which means I have to constantly look just ahead of where Milo is in case he trips or walks head first into a tree!

Now, having had three years of living with a blind dog, and remembering the scarcity of information available to owners of newly blind pets, I decided to create this website to help towards filling the gap.

One thought on “Why I created this site

  1. Penny

    You’re awesome to go to the trouble to post on this website. One of my sister’s dog recently went completely blind and I’m sure your advice will offer her comfort and confidence. Thanks so much!


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