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Whatever disability or medical condition your dog has, you should be able to find useful advice and support online. Some of the websites are from medical/veterinary experts which, although they contain a lot of useful information, may be a bit technical for the average pet owner’s requirements. However, more and more websites are being created by other pet owners who speak from years of experience of living with, and caring for these wonderful and inspiring pets.

The websites below are the best I’ve found from both the expert sources as well as from fellow disabled pet owners:


For owners of dogs and cats with diabetes
“Successful management of diabetes is achievable with insulin therapy, attention to diet and exercise. Owners of a diabetic cat or dog can restore their pet’s quality of life through effective management of diabetes mellitus.”


Information for owners of Canine’s with Diabetes Mellitus
“The information within these pages is intended to be a starting point for owners of newly diagnosed dogs. You will find a lot of great information about Canine Diabetes on the net these days… but not enough. Canine Diabetes is very similar to that of cats, and even humans….”

Pet Diabetes Easy Reference List

“Nothing is sweeter than a pet with diabetes! Educate yourself. You are responsible for the daily care of your pet. Diabetes in Pets is NOT a Death Sentence!”

“Eventually, you must have a thorough enough understanding of diabetes so that you can be confident in managing this disease instead of fearing it. If your regular vet is unavailable when a minor question arises, you must have the confidence to make a decision based on your understanding of diabetes and how it affects your pet.

This Pet Diabetes website is designed to give you quick reference to URL links that may answer many of your questions”

Canine Diabetes Support

Facebook Community Support Group for owners of dogs with diabetes
“Support, advice, & stories for owner’s of dogs with diabetes: Families that have experienced, are experiencing, & those newly diagnosed coming together.

Pets With Diabetes

Information for owners of Canine’s with Diabetes Mellitus
“Providing Educational Information, Internet Resources, Personal Experiences, and Support for Owners of Diabetic Pets”

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