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The pages in this section offer hints and tips for caring for your blind dog, which have been gathered over the time I’ve spent searching the internet, as well as from my own experience with Milo.

  • In the Home: Your home could be a dangerous place for your blind dog. This page will help you make your home safe for your dog and also provide hints and tips on helping your dog to learn his/her way around
  • In the Garden: There can be many hazards in the garden, that you won’t even have considered until your dog lost his/her sight. This page will give you hints and tips on how to identify and remove those hazards, or at the very least keep your dog away from them
  • Out and About: There are many hazards when out walking your dog. This page contains hints and tips on avoiding the hazards and making sure your dog feels secure and confident so that s/he can enjoy their walks
  • Communicating with your Blind Dog: Communicating with your blind dog can be a challenge, but is absolutely essential to prevent them from feeling completely isolated and lonely. This page provides a few tricks to let your pet know that you are around
  • Playing with your Blind Dog: Some of the games a sighted dog loves to play will not be possible for a blind dog to enjoy without a certain amount of modification. This page contains tips on how to modify your blind dog’s toys as well as the best way to play with your dog so that s/he gets the most out of playtime
  • Separation Anxiety: Separation anxiety can be an issue even with sighted dogs, but blind dogs can experience it even more intensely. This page has details of a number of things you can do to help alleviate the anxiety and feeling of vulnerability your blind dog will feel if you need to leave them alone for a period of time
  • Protection/Safety Equipment: Protecting your blind dog from bumps and knocks can be a challenge. This page has details of some products that can help

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