In the Garden

Making your garden safe for a blind dog

It’s a good idea to get down on your hands and knees and view the garden from dog-level. This will help you to see any dangers and hazards that your garden presents for your blind dog and then you can take the appropriate action to remove the hazard……

  • Trim all protruding branches at eye level
  • Fence off any dangerous areas such as ponds
  • Use a dog run if dog will be left unsupervised in the garden for any length of time

Helping your blind dog learn their way round the garden

  • Use different textured surfaces to distinguish between areas of the garden, eg bark mulch, gravel, sand etc
  • Use different scents at key points in the garden. These could be in the form of plants but bear in mind that at different times of the year plants will give off a stronger or weaker scent
  • Keep your dog on a lead/leash and walk them round the garden to learn the layout. Use verbal cues for danger areas eg step, wall, etc
    Repeat this process until they are confident finding their way on their own

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