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Protecting your blind dog from bumps and knocks can be a challenge. We often joke that Milo is a bit like a pinball, bouncing from one wall to another or from one piece of furniture to another, but all joking aside, it can be quite worrying hearing the thud as he walks into yet another wall or closed door.

If your dog continually bumps into things you could consider getting the following equipment:

      • Scent Markers, such as Innovet Tracerz, which you apply to strategic objects such as door frames, stair edges etc, will enable your dog to “see the world through their sense of smell”
    • A sonar/echo-locating device, such as the BlindSight® unit. This is a very new concept, which has only recently become available to the public. It is a device which hangs around your dogs neck and emits a sound, above the range of human hearing, which lets the dog know when he/she is nearing an obstacle such as a wall or a piece of furniture. See Jordy Canid Inc’s website for further information

Obviously you can control the environment in your own home and garden to a much greater extent than the great outdoors. The outside world can present many dangers and hazards for a blind dog and therefore you may need to take extra precautions to protect your dog’s eyes when out for a walk: –

    • Consider getting some form of eye protection such as Rex SpecsDoggles or Optivizor. Your blind dog won’t be able to see any sharp objects, such as protruding branches and could end up with serious damage to their eyes if you don’t take precautions
  • sonar/echo-locating device such as the BlindSight® unit mentioned above, really comes into its own when out and about. It will help your dog to identify and avoid obstacles in his/her path, so restoring their confidence and enabling them to explore their surroundings in relative safety

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