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* Durham, French firms team to develop dry eye treatment for companion animals :: Editor’s Blog at WRAL TechWire

Source: Durham, French firms team to develop dry eye treatment for companion animals :: Editor’s Blog at WRAL TechWire

Posted Feb. 1, 2016 at 3:27 p.m.

Dye eye treatment coming for dogs

Wilma, who started going blind at the age of 2, belongs to Jim Shamp, Director of Public Relations for the N.C. Biotechnology Center.

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. — ​Zoion Pharma of Durham has formed a collaboration with the French veterinary company Ceva Santé Animale to develop a treatment for eye diseases in companion animals.

The companies did not disclose financial terms of the collaboration which gives Ceva worldwide development and commercial rights to Zoion’s drug candidate ZP-1, which Zoion has been targeting as a dry-eye treatment for dogs.

Technically, it’s an epithelial sodium channel inhibitor for the treatment of veterinary ocular surface diseases involving a lack of surface hydration, such as keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), commonly called dry eye.

“KCS is a disease that causes much pain and discomfort, particularly in dogs,” said Jon Alšėnas, D.V.M., president and CEO of Zoion. “If left untreated, severe cases may lead to blindness.”

Drug originally discovered by Parion Sciences

ZP-1 has successfully completed a proof-of-concept clinical trial in canine dry eye. It was originally discovered by Parion Sciences of Durham and then licensed to Zoion for veterinary use. [Read full article….]

Source: Durham, French firms team to develop dry eye treatment for companion animals :: Editor’s Blog at WRAL TechWire

* Bayer launch a ‘site‘ for sore eyes – Pet Gazette

Source: Bayer launch a ‘site‘ for sore eyes – Pet Gazette

By Domonique De Friez

Dry eye affects around one in 22 dogs, and can affect up to 20 per cent of at risk breeds, yet in a recent survey, nearly half of dog owners were not aware that the condition could pose a potential risk to their pet.

To help address this, Bayer Animal Health has launched an educational website ( specifically designed to help dog owners understand more about dry eye; covering clinical signs, predisposed breeds, diagnosis and treatment, with the key message throughout encouraging owners to speak to their vet with any concerns.

The website has been launched to support Bayer’s new tear replacement product, Remend TM Dry Eye Lubricant Drops, which is intended for use as part of the management of dry eye, alongside prescription medication, after the condition has been diagnosed by a veterinary surgeon.  RemendTM Dry Eye Lubricant Drops provide long-lasting lubrication for the eyes, and have the advantage that they can be applied less frequently than the majority of artificial tear supplements currently on the market. [Read full article….]

Source: Bayer launch a ‘site‘ for sore eyes – Pet Gazette

* Merck Animal Health Launches Campaign to Raise Awareness About Canine Dry Eye Syndrome

Source: Merck Animal Health

2 September 2014

Dog Owners Can See First Hand the Effects of Dry Eye on a Dog’s Vision

SUMMIT, NEW JERSEY, September 2, 2014 – Merck Animal Health (known as MSD Animal Health outside the United States and Canada) is launching a new global awareness campaign that is especially designed to give pet owners a realistic sense of their dogs’ experience when they are suffering from Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), commonly referred to as canine Dry Eye. This awareness campaign will help dog owners identify the signs of canine Dry Eye before it becomes an issue.

Canine Dry Eye affects 1 out of 22 dogs and the early symptoms can be easily missed by pet owners, leading to irreversible damage to a dog’s vision, and eventually resulting in blindness – Continue reading on Merck Animal Health’s website ….

* Dry Eye in Dogs | For the love of your pet: How to treat painful condition of dry eye in dogs | Victoria Advocate

Source: Victoria Advocate

By Shana Bohac

Originally published January 30, 2014 at midnight, updated January 30, 2014 at midnight

Dry eye is a painful and potentially dangerous condition that occurs because of lack of tear production.

There are a number of different symptoms you can see if your dog has this issue. Common signs include pawing or rubbing at the eyes, redness, dullness of the cornea, thick discharge, sensitivity to light, swollen eyelids, squinting, ulceration of the cornea, blinking excessively and impaired vision.

In most cases, the eyes start off itchy, red and irritated, and if left untreated, they Continue reading

* Diabetic pug’s prognosis excellent | Statesman Journal |

Dog’s blood glucose level before adoption: as high as 545. Dog’s blood glucose level after adoption: averaging about 120.
Prognosis for a spirited, prancing pug with diabetes: a long and active life surrounded by affection.

Chester, a 6-year-old, fawn-colored pug was in poor shape in July. His previous owners had Continue reading

* Five Complications Of Canine Diabetes — Is Your Dog At Risk?

Darlene Norris

Has your pet been diagnosed with canine diabetes? Is so, you need to know about these complications that often go along with diabetes in dogs. Diabetes is a complex disease, and the more information you have, the better you’ll be able to care for your companion. Continue reading