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* Muffins Halo with Basil the blind rescue dog receives publicity thanks to the Mail online and ITV Yorkshire

Basil, the blind dog, has been featured across media in the UK and Europe and the Muffins Halo guide for blind and visually impaired dogs is spreading across the world to benefit blind dogs.

Source: (PRWEB UK) 2 August 2014

Basil, the blind rescue dog, with West Yorkshire dog rescue has helped to spread the word about how Muffins Halo can help blind and visually impaired dogs. He has become the poster boy for blind dogs and an incredible ambassador for those dogs who go blind at a young age. Basil was fitted with a Halo by The Pet Business and this has transformed his life. He is now able to enjoy life Continue reading

* ‘Super hero’ Basil is seeking new home – Spalding Guardian

Source: Spalding Guardian, Lincolnshire Free Press –

Published on the 12 June 2014  |  08:50

Blind Basil is seeking a new home.

Blind Basil is seeking a new home.

Basil in his Halo

Basil in his Halo

A blind corgi terrier in Quadring Eaudyke has become a super hero of the canine world after being fitted with a “halo”, which it is hoped will help him find a new owner.

Basil, who is four years old and believed to be the first dog in the UK to be fitted with the devise, has been fostered with Yvonne and Dale Webster since late January.

The couple say he has had a new spring in his step since being fitted with a Muffin’s Halo, which aids blind dogs in their everyday life. Continue reading

* How to Care For a Blind Dog | Care2 Causes

by Abigail Geer   |   June 5, 2014   |   1:00 pm

Source: – How to Care for a Blind Dog

Sharing your home with a blind dog may be less worrying, and more rewarding than you think. In fact, blind dogs can be some of the most obedient and affectionate canine companions around.

There are several conditions that can lead to blindness in dogs. Birth defects, injury, illness and age can all cause or contribute to loss of sight. The good news is, dogs live very much in the here and now, and their remaining senses will more than make up for any loss of vision. Continue reading