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* Muffin’s Halo, A Blind Dog Product Named Top 10 Pet Inventions by Discovery Channel’s Planet Daily Show | PRWeb

Source: PRWeb.com
Published October 08, 2014

Highly acclaimed twice-patented device helping blind dogs with head protection by leading a bump-free life as they navigate in their surroundings. Recommended by Animal Ophthalmologists and veterinarians worldwide.

Muffin's Halo, Leading Blind Dog Product

Muffin’s Halo, Leading Blind Dog Product

Daily Planet – Discovery Channel’s long-running primetime science magazine show aired its segment “Top 10 Pet Inventions” and ranked Muffin’s Halo, an aid for blind dogs in 7th position.

Co-hosts Dan Riskin and Ziya Tong reported the following about this Blind Dog Halo that is navigating multitudes of furry impaired ones across the globe: “Genuinely for a good cause. Blind pups need not worry about what may be in their paths as Muffin’s Halo will protect them. A special harness with light wire tubing and cushioning makes sure any blow is soft.” Continue reading